Interpretation of Basic Traffic Signs

Stop Sign Don't Stop. Pull out in front of oncoming traffic.
Yield Sign Accelerate quickly without looking. Merge into fast moving traffic very slowly.
Do Not Enter Enter.
Speed Limit 55 Drive 35 mph.
Curve Road will curve. You better use your directionals.
School Xing School area. When vehicles in front of you yield, pass them.
No Turn on Red Wait until a vehicle is coming and make a turn when the light is red.
Slippery when wet Drive fast.
Do Not Pass Drive really really slow.
Keep Right Come to a complete stop. Try to figure out if you really want to go right.
Slow Moving Vehicle Slow moving vehicle. Pull into the adjacent lane as the slow vehicle and drive at the same speed.
No Parking Park your car no less then 3 feet from the curb. While getting out, swing the door open as wide as you can.
4 Way Stop As long as everyone else has to stop, why should you.

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